Helping your student stay on track

Has your student ever asked you for extra money? Sign up now to help them start budgeting, tracking, and saving.

Empowering student with financial literacy


Struggling with how much to allocate for your student's food allowance?

The Quill App tracks your student’s average daily spend on food and produces an average for the week. With that average the app can recommend what a good budget looks like. But every student is different! Feel confident with Quill that you're not giving your student too much, nor too little, but just the right amount to live a comfortable lifestyle away from home.

Build Trust, Transparency & Healthy Habits with Your Student

Quill can offer parents insight into their students spending habits to see where and how they are spending their food allowances. The daily spend feature allows you and the student to have open conversations and offers budgeting tools for how to stay on track.

No More Declining Balances by University Meal Plans…Take Control Over Your Deposits

Every student has been there: just a few weeks left in the term, and you still have a large amount of money left on the school’s meal plan. Instead of sporadic spending or losing the leftover money, Quill gives students and parents complete freedom to roll that money over for the next term.

How does Quill Work?

Funds are locked to certain spending categories which introduces students to budgeting. We are starting with food but plan on expanding to other spending categories soon.
Sign up and invite your student. We use Plaid to verify your identity but the whole process will take less than 3 mins
Create a Scheduled or Instant deposit that is linked directly to your existing bank account. It's as easy as the on-campus meal plan
Each deposit will automatically update the student's budget and you can breath easy that funds are being spent as intended

Quill is dedicated to building a financial future for the next generation, but more importantly for YOUR student!

No monthly fees1!
Free budget management
Earn up to 10 percent cashback
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