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Some questions, some answers

Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions.
Why choose Quill?

Quill is the best deals and loyalty platform for college student powered by past transaction data. We work with local college-town merchants to bring our students the best deals and rewards in their area. The more students use Quill the better deals students will see. Quill NEVER WILL SELL STUDENTS DATA. Quill simply uses students spending data to negotiate better deals!

How does Quill work?

Students can signup to Quill within 1 min. Students verify they are an active student and link all their top-of-wallet debit/credit cards to Quill. After cards have been linked, student's loyalty will be tracked automatically. The more students use Quill the more deals they will have access to!

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel anytime with an easy click of a button!

Does it matter where I go to school?

Since we are partnering directly with merchants in the local area to create our off-campus meal plan, Quill is only available to students at Santa Clara University. We will be launching at San Jose State University in the coming months so stay tuned!

Can I request my school?

Want Quill at your school? Add your university to the waitlist to help us choose where to roll out next!

My favorite merchant isn't on the list. Can I request it?

We have over 45 merchant locations partnered with Quill but we know we don't have them all. Request your favorite merchant here.

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