Connecting college students to college-town merchants

Starting with food!

Use Quill at over 41 merchant locations!

We have a combination of grocery and restaurant partners.

Empowering student with financial literacy


Parent-allocated funds determine the budget

Helping students reach the end of the month without running out of funds with an easy-to-follow interface. Ensure funds allocated to food go to food by shopping at our pre-approved merchant partners.

Helping students track past spending

We sometimes make mistakes! So we made it easy for students and parents to identify where problems arose

We partner with student's favorite restaurants and grocery stores

Students can earn up to 10 percent cashback! We are making it easy for students to track and manage local merchant loyalty reward programs.


Built for college students

No monthly fees1!
Free budget management
Earn up to 10 percent cashback
Works with

Some questions, some answers

Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions.
Why choose Quill?

Quill is an off-campus meal plan program that empowers students to manage their food spending and strengthen healthy financial habits. We work with local college-town merchants to bring our students the best deals and rewards in their area. For Parents, we ensure funds are being spent as intended to build trust, through transparency into their weekly performance. For Students, we offer up to 10% Cash Back at our partnered locations and grant access to every promotional deal within our network to make saving money easy.

How does Quill work?

Both parents and students can sign up via the Quill mobile application and link their accounts with phone numbers. Following a quick registration process, parents can immediately fund their students' account allocated for food spending and use helpful tools to determine how long these funds should last. A daily budget is created based on these settings and students are issued a virtual VISA debit card which can be used at our partnered merchants. The Cash Back a student earns will automatically be deposited back into their accounts at the end of the week.

Does Quill cost anything?

Quill is completely free to the user from start to finish. No signup, late, or overdraft fees at any time! After 6 months1 on inactivity we may charge an inactive fee but we will email and text you so that you can freeze or cancel your account beforehand.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel anytime with an easy click of a button!

Does it matter where I go to school?

Since we are partnering directly with merchants in the local area to create our off-campus meal plan, Quill is only available to students at Santa Clara University. We will be launching at San Jose State University in the coming months so stay tuned!

Can I request my school?

Want Quill at your school? Add your university to the waitlist to help us choose where to roll out next!

My favorite merchant isn't on the list. Can I request it?

We have over 41 merchant locations partnered with Quill but we know we don't have them all. Request your favorite merchant here.

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